Our Goal is to become a privileged partner for the co-development of products meeting a market need.

Participate in our game-changing co-development project. To co-develop and manufacture a new product with us, fill out the request form by clicking here.

1. New product
  • Definition of the future product’s characteristics
  • Choice of your future distribution territories
  • Development responsibilities allocation

2. Contracting

  • Definition of the sharing of development costs and validation of the countries of interest for each party
  • Signature of the co-development contract with GO/NO GO milestones

3. Development & Manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical development or full development (pharmaceutical/pre-clinical/clinical/regulatory) by Unither, depending on your needs

4. Distribution

  • Distribution in your countries of interest. Unither seeks other distribution partners outside your countries of interest



  • Reduced R&D costs: more innovation with the same budget
  • Access to new markets

> increase of sales volumes leading in a decrease of COGs (Cost of Goods Sold)

> increase of project POS (Point of sale)

> improvement of patients access to new products

  • Minimized risks with market-driven & patient centric products according to your own market studies
  • Cross-fertilization by sharing of knowledge and experts/third parties network
  • Fine tuned customized support

Our added value


  • Financial: Unither shares development costs with you
  • Deals architect: Unither’s international footprint + worldwide customer/market knowledge
  • No IP issue: Unither is a pure player CDMO and not a drug delivery company > IP can be retained by our customer with a free patent licence for Unither to manufacture for our customer and for its additional licensees on different territories
  • Sustainability: open innovation, co-conception with a common goal, long-term partnership


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