Liquid Stick-Packs


Innovative, practical and safe

Unither Pharmaceuticals is a CDMO specializing in liquid stick-packs, offering support from formulation to industrial scale-up. The unique expertise of our multidisciplinary and international teams will meet all regulatory, development and manufacturing needs in France, the United States and Brazil.


Unither's Rochester site manufactures liquid stick packs and specializes in the development of these products. Liquid stick-packs can hold volumes ranging from 2.5 to 10mL, accommodating solution, suspension, and gel formulations.



  • Filling (all sites): 1 to 15mL
  • Filling (Rochester site): 2.5 to 10mL
  • Preparation and filling of solutions, suspensions, emulsions and gels
  • Experience in selecting the characteristics of aluminium foil to ensure the stability of the product over time
  • Specific know-how concerning the manufacture of:
    – oxygen-sensitive products (N2 preparation and filling);
    – light-sensitive products;
    – products based on plant extracts.
  • Pilot equipment for small batches (technology transfer and clinical batches)
  • Analytical R&D and quality control laboratories for method development and validation, ICH stability studies, quality control and release
  • Regulatory services for the drafting of variations or CTD files


  • a wide range of health products (Cosmetics, Medicines (generics, originals, OTC), Medical devices)
  • turnkey products, from concept to finished product
  • multidisciplinary and international team will meet all your regulatory, development and manufacturing needs.
  • innovative: the liquid stick form is also available without preservatives


The Rochester site is inspected by the FDA (Food Drug and Administration), DEA certificate, as well as: Turkish Ministry of Health, MHA (Mexico City), ANVISA (Brazilian agency) EMA (European agency), MHRA (UK) and “Health Canada“, etc.

The sites are regularly inspected by various authorities including: ANSM (France), EMA (Europe)FDA (USA), ANVISA (Brazil), Russia, and most authorizations in the world.

Manufacturing plants and capacity

Total capacity (exc. China):
500 million sticks


Colomiers, France

Rochester, NY USA

Barretos, Brazil




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